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    Default Help! which one should I buy?

    I'm an amateur photographer. I don't know very well about choosing a camera. I love editing in photoshop though. I had Canon EOS D300 back in the day and took some normal-decent photos .After editing they became pretty good.

    Now Im designing brochures etc for my new job. My manager says he hired me because of my photography portfolio while not knowing I edited all of them considerably. Now he asks me to choose a good camera under 2500$ budget (cheaper appreciated) to photograph our products for brochures and catalogue.

    He even recommended Nikon D5300.

    He knows about cameras he even has an old camera collection. As a photographer he is againist editting. He thinks it should kept in minimum. Well, normally as a photoshop lover I would argue with that but I don't want to get fired as soon as being hired. :/ Plus, I don't want to put photoshopped products to catalogue. It would give a bad impressions to educated eyes like having bad products which needs editting.

    We are an agricultural company so I plan to take farm and field photos, happy farmers portraits with their products in their hands. Also, I'm planning to make a small DIY studio to take single product photos, like seeds and fully grown corns in a basket etc...

    Can you give me few alternatives and explain why you would choose that camera?

    Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Help! which one should I buy?

    Any DSLR will produce high quality photos when used by a skilled photographer with a good lens.

    The Nikon D5300 your boss wants is a fine camera. It's not the best in its class for video (the Canon T5i is better) but its image quality is probably superior to the Canon). I recommend purchasing a few good lenses to get the best out of the camera. One is the Nikon 35mm F1.8 which is a very good, fast lens that's particularly suited for portraits and interiors. Another good lens to have is a wide angle lens - the standard 18-55mm vr should do the trick. You'll no doubt need a long zoom lens for some shots - the 55-200mm vr is a fine lens for the money. Nikon makes better lenses than the ones I mentioned but they're also more expensive.
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    Default Re: Help! which one should I buy?

    While I am a Canon fan, the Nikon D5300 is a fine choice. No need to ruffle any feathers there!

    Those against editing are usually amateur photographers. Pros do use post processing, especially for glamour and product photography. If you are allowed to use RAW instead of JPG, that will give you ample opportunity to work in post processing. Clumsy photoshopping can make a bad impression, done right, the photoshop adjustments will never be noticed.

    Pro shoots often involve lights, and other studio gear. If that $2500 is for all of the gear, then you will have to make some hard choices on extra lenses versus studio gear. Amateurs do not like to hear this, but the studio gear usually has more impact on the result than fancy lenses. Links for lot of ideas -

    How to Set Up a Home Studio

    Light Modifiers: An Analysis and Field Guide

    5 Pieces of Photography Gear to considered for your first upgrade

    Using a Flash in the Sun | Snapfactory

    Tips For Using a Reflector in Outdoor Portrait Photography – PictureCorrect

    greatproductshots.com: The Four C's of Making Great Product Photos

    The Simple Guide to Shooting a Perfectly Lit Product Photo - Tuts+ Photography Tutorial

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    Default Re: Help! which one should I buy?

    I second the Nikon D5300 , it's a good option



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