Quantcast Which compact zoom would you recommend? Lots of use at indoor gigs......

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    Default Which compact zoom would you recommend? Lots of use at indoor gigs......

    Which compact zoom would people recommend? going to be used a lot at gigs ( mainly indoor ) but also want a good general all-round performer. Initially narrowed down to Canon SX700HS, Sony HX60V or the Panasonic Lumix TZ60 - any thoughts? thanks

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    Default Re: Which compact zoom would you recommend? Lots of use at indoor gigs......

    All three are approximately the same in overall image quality, with the Canon SX700HS having a slight edge in low light. The Canon is also considerably less expensive than the others. However, the others have certain advantages over the Canon. The Panasonic TZ60 can shoot in RAW mode (good if you enjoy post-processing your images - neither the Canon nor the Sony have this feature). The TZ60 has better battery life than the Canon (though not as good as the Sony), has a useful optical viewfinder that's built-in (neither the Canon nor Sony have this) and, like the Sony, has an auto-panorama mode and a built-in GPS. The Sony HX60v has a hot-shoe so you can add a separate flash or optional viewfinder.

    Overall, the Panasonic TZ60 is the most full featured, though it's also the most expensive. A very good, much less expensive alternative to the TZ60 is the Panasonic LF1. The LF1 has most of the features of the TZ60, including RAW shooting and a built-in viewfinder (but no built-in GPS). However the LF1 has a larger sensor than the TZ60, SX700HS and HX60v and consequently has significantly better image quality than all three. The LF1 is also smaller and lighter in weight than the other three cameras. The LF1 doesn't have the huge zoom range of the others (only 7.1x vs 30x) but the LF1's image quality will be consistently good even at the long end of the zoom, while the image quality of the other three cameras will degrade considerably at the long end.
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