Quantcast which camera should i buy for extreme closeup pics of very small items.

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    Default which camera should i buy for extreme closeup pics of very small items.


    * What budget have you allocated for buying this camera? Please be as specific as possible. $250-500


    * What size camera are you looking for? Or does size not matter at all to you? size does not matter.


    How many megapixels will suffice for you?

    * What optical zoom will you need? (None, Standard = 3x-4x, Ultrazoom = 10x-12x) not sure, doing macro, not far shots.

    * How important is “image quality” to you? (Rate using a scale of 1-10) image quality is very important 9 or 10

    Do you care for manual exposure modes (shutter priority, aperture priority, manual)? does not matter

    General Usage

    * What will you generally use the camera for? need to take hi quality pictures of extremly small items (beads)

    * Will you be making big prints of your photos or not? no, just posting images to websites.

    Will you be shooting a lot of indoor photos or low light photos? all will be indoor and/or low light photos

    Will you be shooting sports and/or action photos? no, will not be.

    We sell beads (very small beads, vintage seed beads, crystals, etc) and need to take very hi-quality images of them which needs to showcase thier cut, sparckle, minute diferences in shades or textures, etc.

    any advice would be greatly appreciated!


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    Default Re: which camera should i buy for extreme closeup pics of very small items.

    I'd go for a large sensor point and shoot camera. As long as you don't need lots of optical zoom, the Panasonic LX7 is the way to go. Excellent sensor, sharp lens, excellent image quality, very good in low light. It also has a flash hotshoe if you feel you need a high quality flash. The only point and shoot camera with possibly better image quality is the Sony RX100, but that exceeds your price range. Here are some images taken with the LX7 and the RX100:

    Panasonic FZ28
    Canon Elph 330 HS

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    Default Re: which camera should i buy for extreme closeup pics of very small items.

    Something as small as a bead is true macro photography. Which is best done with a camera with interchangeable lenses. Could be either DSLR or mirrorless. Links for ideas -

    Macro shots on D3200?

    Macro Photography 2014 Digital Camera Article Archive

    How To Sell Your Jewelry on Ebay - Digital Photo Secrets

    School Of Digital Photography: Macro Photography Using Extension Tubes

    Light Tent Comparison - DIY versus Kit Tents

    Kelly Cook
    Olympus PL2, Canon EOS 50D, Fujifilm F45fd, various film dinosaurs



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