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    Default Best Camera for Price?

    I'm desiring to buy a new camera for my husband for father's day. We currently are using a little Nikon Coolpix L19, but want a new one because we have a baby now. Here's the things I care about:

    Higher resolution
    Under or around $250
    Takes continual pretty decent video up to at least an hour
    Fast shutter time because, like I said, we're dealing with a little baby and eventual toddler here.

    I realized I'm posting in a forum for people who know what they're talking about in terms of cameras. That's what I want! I'm not one of those people, but I want to get my husband a nice camera. He has a pretty good eye and he's good with technical things, and I feel bad he's been using my really mediocre point and shoot. Any suggestions for Cameras are helpful!

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    Default Re: Best Camera for Price?

    There are some good deals online for $250 or less. All the cameras I'm going to name take nice looking photos and movies and are quick.

    The camera with the best image quality, especially in low light, is one you probably haven't heard of - the Pentax MX-1. What distinguishes it from the others in its same price range is a larger sensor, which enables it to have superior image quality. One thing your husband may not like about the MX1 is its short 4x zoom lens, but small cameras with large sensors cannot have long zoom lenses or it will greatly increase the bulkiness of the camera.

    Good, small cameras with smaller sensors and lesser image quality (though still good) and longer zoom lenses are the Sony WX350 (20x), Canon SX600 (18x, very quick), Samsung WB350F (21x) and Nikon S9500 (22x).

    A good, slightly larger camera with a very long zoom lens is the Canon SX510 (30x).
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    Default Re: Best Camera for Price?

    You may find special closeout deals on mirrorless cameras near the $300 mark (I got my Olympus for under $250, but it was used, not new). And any gearhead would love a mirrorless camera. But good luck on 1 hour of video.

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